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Why do some fairly average products succeed where demonstrably superior products struggle?

Why do physicians continue to prescribe a tried and true product – even after a new and better product has been launched?

Why do some credit card win-back efforts succeed almost twice as well as others – even when the offers might seem virtually identical?

Because when brands fall out of sync with the constantly changing ways customers decide and act, sales suffer. Marketing investments are not optimized.

Competitors gain footholds with customers your brand should have easily won.

The Emotional System frames the priorities from the perspective of customers and prospects that form the choice in their mind. These represent the combination of Emotional Priorities and Emotional Drivers® , which are both deeply personal priorities and their criteria for choosing a product/brand, those reasons that are most emotionally motivating to the customer and prospect. When a marketer “truly” understands these and how to use them, the upside is tremendous.

There are more than 1,000 ways emotions and reasons together can set a context that turns a customer off but only 2 or 3 that can turn them on. How can marketers do better than the occasional lucky guess?

Brain Surgery helps some of the world’s top marketers in high-stakes markets get in sync – and stay in sync – with how decisions, choices, or behaviors are made.

For example, we helped a large pharmaceutical oncology brand get back in-sync with the emotional priorities and emotional drivers of its customers. It reversed a steep sales decline of 19% annually to an increase of 23%.

More than 85% of decisions are guided by often-unspoken emotional priorities. Until you know what these are, can your marketing ever achieve its full potential?