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Why Marketing Neuroscience Is Critical In Today’s Always-On Marketing Environment

The rise of digital media means that all marketing now requires “always-on” brands.

As Heinz Marketing president Matt Heinz explains, “We don’t control when we have access to the buyer; we don’t get to control when they have access to us. We need to be ready when they are ready, and ideally it’s not just when they want to learn about your product.”

Today, marketers know they need an always-on awareness of how customers/prospects think – often informed by what people say in social media – as well as how they behave, in terms of ad response and sales.

But the most critical aspect is often missing – an always-on knowledge of how customers/prospects feel, because that’s what drives what they think and how they ultimately act.

When marketers are unaware of their customers’ often unspoken emotional priorities, it’s very easy to drift out of sync. Every social media kerfuffle, every sales trend, every data point can pull your attention away from how your customers really choose, decide, and act.

To avoid these and other costly errors, it’s important to understand how decisions happen inside the brain.

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