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Marketing Neuroscience Fundamentals: What Are “Emotional Priorities” and “Emotional Drivers” And Why Do They Matter?

Conventional marketing theory teaches that buyers are rational, especially in high-stakes markets.

A given buyer values a certain set of features and benefits, and if these are offered up in an appealing way the buyer will buy whatever the marketer is selling.

That’s nice in theory, but advances in neuroscience have revealed that it doesn’t work that way at all.

First, you need to get the buyer to listen

There are thousands of ways open a conversation that turn a buyer off, but only 2 or 3 that can get them to listen. How can marketers do better than the occasional lucky guess?

More than 85% of all decisions are guided by these often-unspoken emotional priorities, but few marketers know how to understand them.

Then, you need to get them to learn/understand/think differently, and act

Once the buyer has chosen to listen, it is important to transition them to what will ignite the act of choosing.

These are the Emotional DriversTM of brand choice: the most important things in the minds of customers/prospects as they face the reality of choosing and using the product.

When brands do not know about a customer’s or prospect’s emotional priorities and how they connect to their emotional drivers, they often fall out of sync with the constantly changing ways customers decide and act.

As a result, sales suffer. Marketing investments are not optimized. Competitors gain footholds with customers your brand should have easily won.

Brain Surgery helps marketers in high-stakes markets understand how to get buyers to listen, and how to get them to learn/understand/think differently, and act.

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